my studying JOURNEY 

Architect and ENTREPRENEUR 

I has an architect back ground graduate from Homs city university in Syria, used to work in real estate field using his back ground of architecture with his entrepreneurship experience. 

syria crisis 

IN homs (my city) during crisis 

Everybody know how complected the situation in Syria, it was very hard to continue working in other initiatives during this time. So i forced to leave my country because of this situation, i choose to travel to Germany and start to help from there.

in germany

jan 2015 to Germany

As an architect master student i came to Germany Jan 2015, starting from scratch, as i forced to leave my country suddenly i had no language level neither English nor German. I started to learn English and trying to find out my new destiny. I continued working with many people in Homs and we launched many initiatives with many events. My dream was always to answer big questions, why in our Tech century there is no one exit solution to help us revive our cities during and after the war or crisis ?


Here is a collection of photos, personal, business for Reviving home and HS education. 


Here is the work where is I am involved in.

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